#nofoodwaste at Bieler Braderie02.07.2023 17:00 - 19:00

#nofoodwaste at Bieler Braderie

For the past several years, JCI Biel-Bienne has gone stand-to-stand collecting food waste from vendors at the popular Bieler Braderie. They recognize us and are always happy to support the work they do. Of course, if the weather is nice and the Braderie is popular, they may not have much to hand over. Which is always great news as well! 

We will need about 7 people for this activity. The meeting time and required manpower may change depending on the weather. If the weather is good, we will meet later and may need more help. If the weather is bad, we'll meet earlier and will not need more than 7. 

Partners and children are absolutely welcome! 



Datum / Zeit 02.07.2023 17:00 bis 02.07.2023 19:00
Ort Bieler Braderie / Braderie Biennoise
  • Veranstaltungstyp LOM Event
    Veranstalter LOM Biel-Bienne
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