JCI Basel supports “sol·i·dar·i·ty” LIVE STREAM & CONCERT08.04.2021 20:00 - 21:30

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Solidarität ist aktueller denn je. Wir freuen uns, diesen Live Stream und das Konzert mit der Band "ukhoikhoi" aus Johannesburg mit euch zu teilen und diese Künstler so etwas zu unterstützen. Aber lest selbst oder besser hört rein:

>>> Free access on vimeo.com/user22164637

What is "solidarity"? This should be an easy thing to answer. Since the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic few words have been as excessively used as this one.

Yet, if you start asking around, everybody will give you a different definition. It doesn't seem to be clear at all how people feel about "solidarity". It rather seems to be a phantom: the more you talk about it, the less strongly it shows in action. So how can we work on and in solidarity without killing its magic?

This research project originated from one of us being in need and continued to exist for the sake of making international collaboration happen despite all odds. It's artists supporting artists and together finding fragments of the bigger picture, what solidarity means to us and how we've experienced it in the past 12 months.

Join us online for the live stream from Kulturhaus Helferei Zurich on April 8th at 20h CEST (Basel, Belgrade, Johannesburg) / 21h EEST (Beirut).

You'll enjoy readings, video art, artists talk and a concert.

Free access on vimeo.com/user22164637

Kindly show some support to Beit El Baraka (beitelbaraka.org) and ukhoikhoi (ukhoikhoi.bandcamp.com/album/ukhoikhoi)

Artists: Ivona Brdjanovic, author (Belgrade & Zurich), Sophie Krayer, set design (Zurich), Ayman Nahle, filmmaker (Beirut), Antje Schupp, performer & director (Basel) and Ukhoikhoi = Anelisa Stuurman & Yogin Sullaphen (Johannesburg)

A production by born2perform in coproduction with Kulturhaus Helferei
With the generous support of Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council.

Concept / Host: Antje Schupp
Video Work: Ayman Nahle
Music: ukhoikhoi ( Anelisa Stuurman & Yogin Sullaphen)
Text / Reading: Ivona Brdjanovic
Set Design: Sophie Krayer
Live Stream: Stefan Tschumi



Datum / Zeit 08.04.2021 20:00 bis 08.04.2021 21:30
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